Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Great House Hunt (Day Two)

Day Two of the Great House Hunt 2017
was just a search of neighborhoods.

Beau Clerc . . . too suburban

Julington Creek . . . a little bit MORE too suburban

Switzerland . . . I think I heard banjos.

They did, however, have one of the CUTEST post offices EVER!

End note:  Switzerland is quite rural now, but sprawl is heading their way in the form of a giant-sized planned community. Their rural way of living is, sadly, under attack and I'm guessing 10 years from now Switzerland will just be another cookie cutter community between St. Augustine and Jacksonville.  It makes me very, very sad.

As much as it is not a community that I could live in today ........ 30 years ago, I would have LOVED it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Great House Hunt of 2017 (Day One)

Day 1 of the Great House Hunt
takes us north on I-95 to St. Marys, Georgia.

Downtown has some cute murals and a few historic buildings.
 I did have to laugh at one of the historic markers.
You can go to the Orange Building and see where the charter oaks USED to be.
In the late 1960s they cut them down to furnish wood for the restoration of U.S.S. Constitution.
Seriously, you can go look at a lot where trees USED to be.

The view over the water was phenomenal.
The park there was pretty nice too.

I rate this swing A+++
It had good SWING!
I am guessing that a good swing set does NOT constitute a good reason for buying a house there.

Both Steve and I thought St. Marys was a lovely place to visit,
but a little too "sleepy southern town" for us.

P.S.  There didn't appear to be a coffee shop.

Next stop was St. Simon's Island.
It has THIS going for it.
We all know I ♥ a lighthouse
There is the requisite water ---- although we can probably not afford a house that actually SEES the water.

There is even THIS ......a pretty good size yarn shop
with A SALE!!!
Steve says that is NOT a good reason to buy a home in the area,
even if there is a nice one right around the corner.

I say he is wrong ..........it is a very good reason.
Think of all the money we would save on shipping costs!

So ---- at the end of day one, we are a bit closer to deciding on an area.
St. Marys is a no.
St. Simon's is a maybe.

P.S. St. Simons DOES have a coffee shop.
It even has GOOD coffee.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Little Free Libraries - Two More

It was time to drop off a book today.

I took it to this Little Free Library.

I dropped off My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok

The box was pretty full, but nothing caught my fancy today.

We rode around the neighborhood (San Marco) to another LFL.

Nope .....nothing here either.

That's the fun of Little Free Libraries ......it's the thrill of the hunt.

Want to see if there are any Little Free Libraries near you?
Check out this link to their map.

But .....keep in consideration that not EVERY free library is
listed in the registry.

Some are free-range LFLs.
So, keep your eyes open.
You never know where one will pop up.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Little Free Libraries - Palatka Edition

When we went out to Palatka last week I wasn't particularly looking for Little Free Libraries.
But, I found not one,
but TWO!

One was outside of the Dairy Queen.
Books and ice cream ..........now there's a winning combination.

The other one was outside the local fire station.
Let me tell you something.
Those firefighters build a STURDY box!

This was a very well-stocked Little Free Library.

And of course, it didn't hurt that there was a firetruck parked right along side.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

As Seen In ------ Palatka

As seen in a The Magnolia Cafe* in Palatka, Florida
Okay . . . NOW you've done it.
You've pissed off the SQUIRREL.

*The food at the cafe was AMAZING! 

Monday, February 13, 2017

The Ravines

Spring has sprung in north Florida
and the azaleas are really putting on a show.

The Ravines Gardens is chock full of red and pink azaleas.

 There were two of these wooden suspension bridges.
They were fun.
We even caught sight of a bald eagle from one of them.
Unfortunately, it was too high up for me to capture a decent photo.

The view from the bridge.

 We saw several of these harmless brown water snakes (Nerodia taxispilota)
There were signs warning of alligators, but we were not lucky enough to see one.

There were irises all along the water ways.

Most of the walking was up and down steep stone steps 
and my calves are letting me know they did NOT appreciate it!

The rest of me did though.
It is a beautiful park and definitely different from what I expected.

Who knew Florida could be so STEEP???

Home, Sweet Home

As most of you know ..... Steve and I have moved from Orlando.

I went from a semi-rural/suburban neighborhood
to living in Florida's largest city.

I've always wanted to live on a river.
This one will do just fine!

Living in an apartment is just a stop-over while we figure out exactly where we want to live, but

I can truly say....

We are definitely