Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Community Loaves

I have a thing for really good bread.
You know the kind ----crusty and chewy on the outside
with an inside like a cloud.

Yeah ...........THAT kind of bread.

Now, add some cheese and a bowl of tomato soup.......

That's what I had for lunch.
A fresh, hearty sourdough,
some really good cheese
with bit of caramelized onions thrown in for good measure.

fresh tomato basil soup.

You should go.

Community Loaves
1120 Edgewood Avenue S.


  1. Oooh, I love tomato soup and crusty bread - that's why my Mom always made for after I had been sick and my stomach had settled down. It's my ultimate comfort food.

  2. That sounds SO good. Great name for the place too.

  3. One of my husband's favorites, too. Years ago when he had a garden, he would plant basil near the tomatoes and it would give the tomatoes that basil taste!