Thursday, March 9, 2017

Well Trained

I grew up in a town where there were trains.
There were lots and lots of trains.

In Orlando we couldn't hear the train from our house.
I missed it.

Now, I can hear the train again.
Lots and lots of trains.

The trains get travel over this very cool bridge
to get from the north bank of the St. Johns River over to the south side.

When we were biking the other day, there was a train stopped on the bridge.
FEC Strauss Trunion Bascule Bridge

It made my day.


  1. I too grew up with trains. I love them. Other than where we lived as a teen, I've been able to hear the trains.
    Right now we're between two pretty busy lines. We only hear the north one at night when the city is quiet. But the one to the south runs up the escarpment so it echoes right over us... it sounds almost like our washing machine on the spin cycle - several times I've asked Dave if he's doing laundry!

  2. I love hearing trains, particularly at night. It is a lonesome, but somehow comforting sound.

  3. I love trains too. I grew up hearing them too and we hear them in our little town all the time.