Monday, March 6, 2017


In mid-October Hurricane Matthew hit the east coast of Florida.
Where we lived (in Orlando), it wasn't too bad.

But, a little further east and north, it really battered the shore.
Parts of A1A (the coastal highway) were washed out near Flagler Beach.

We drove that way today for the first time.
What used to be the southbound lane of A1A is now the northbound.

And a new lane has been paved to the west.

The road is pretty good, but you can definitely see where the sea
washed the road and underbase completely away.

The state has been building with rock and sand,
leaving the artistic among us to do 

I'm not sure how many there were in total.
I'm guessing around 50 or so.

Now that's making the best of a bad situation.


  1. I love Cairns. We saw a bunch the last time we were in Canada. My nephew built some at the edge of the property we rented for our last family reunion so folks would know where to turn.

  2. Many of the mountain trails have a variety of cairns. The ones on the beach are amazing.

  3. Wonderful sculptures! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello, I love all the rock cairns. Very neat sight. We spend a day around Flagler Beach, saw a lovely sunrise. I hope you have a happy day!