Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Little Free Libraries - Palatka Edition

When we went out to Palatka last week I wasn't particularly looking for Little Free Libraries.
But, I found not one,
but TWO!

One was outside of the Dairy Queen.
Books and ice cream there's a winning combination.

The other one was outside the local fire station.
Let me tell you something.
Those firefighters build a STURDY box!

This was a very well-stocked Little Free Library.

And of course, it didn't hurt that there was a firetruck parked right along side.


  1. Library AND a fire truck! It was your lucky day!

  2. These are so cool. I would love to get some DQ and then a book and if I took a long enough time deciding on a book, I could maybe get another ice cream - lol. I've only ever seen one Little Free Library and that was in Pittsburgh...none around here that I know of...